Singer and son of late Afro Beat legend, Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti, will always sit back to say he has done well for himself and also made his late father proud.

Femi who has been a Grammy nominee in recent times is one person who has tried at keeping his father’s dream about the Afrika Shrine alive and that he has been doing for several years now.

In a recent interview with CNN African Voice monitored by, Femi stated that even though he got his father’s blessing when he was alive, that does not make him the king of Afro Beat.

He explained that he wants to have a good time and make good music instead of being compared to his late father. “I just want to have a good time playing music. I hate people comparing me with my father.”

Speaking about the kind of Afro Beat that is being played today the singer described the new style of music as ‘Afro Beats,’ as he stressed that it lacks good messages like political and other issues.

He went on to note one of the things that has given him joy is the fact that he has been able to maintain the Afrika Shrine, performing for free and today it can boast of hosting many to great show.

“I have played for 40year now and over 120 songs. Keeping the shrine, playing for free is the biggest achievement for me here. My son has joined my band and I want to see him overtake me in my career,” he told CNN African Voice.

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