If there is one Nollywood actor cum producer many have come to respect in the entertainment industry that will be Pascal Amanfo, who is not just entertaining many but also impacting lives through God’s works.

Pascal has been through a lot and with his years of experience in both the Nigerian and Ghanaian entertainment industry, he is one who can say he has seen it all as he also helps in breeding fresh talents.

He recently took Nollywoodtrends through the entertainment journey and how he struggled to put food on the table for his family especially his wife, Folake, who believed in him and still with him through the 13 years of their journey.

Read excepts below;

Why do you like spending more time or shooting some of your movies in Ghana?

Not deliberate in anyway. I started out here as a writer and soon I realised I was spending quite a great deal of time here… it only made sense to make Ghana a second home and coupled with the fact that it’s only a 50min flight away from Lagos. It’s pretty much like doing business between Lagos and Abuja which many people do.

How has working in God’s tabernacle and acting been like?

Challenging in a few ways. But I set my priorities right very early in ministry so I am always reminded about whom i am and what i stand for.

A lot of people don’t even know that you are a Nigerian as some feel you are a Ghanaian or are you mix breed?

Well, I am African. Ghanaian in many ways but actually Nigerian. Omo 9ja toh sure. Nwafor igbo… hehehe… I come from Awo-omamma in Imo state. About 30mins from Owerri.

We noticed that being an Igbo man, you got married to a Yoruba lady and happy for 13yrs and counting, was there no tribal sentiments at first?

Not at all. I am a bit of a rebel against societal hypocrisy. So very early I set the tone for doing what I thought was right. In Lake (Folake), I saw beyond tribe… I saw a young lady who had a heart of gold and it really didn’t matter if she was Kanuri or Ibibio

Lol, truly you deserve Mr Nigerian Award.

Hehehe….My wife is actually Ijebu. So we are Igbo-ijebu. Serous Combo some people would day….

Being a minister of God’s word, let’s get your view on tithing, if a Christian does not pay tithe, is it really a sin and does it mean he/she will not grow?

I cannot answer this with a straight yes or no because there are various angles to it and it would surely take more than a few paragraphs to fully expound what has become a point of doctrinal arguments in the church. I am a tither. I tithe not because I am threatened to or because I am cajoled to. I tithe because Love and Giving in all ramifications is the commandment of the New Testament. Whether it’s to the church, the needy or the poor. The new covenant believer does not need to be threatened to give… Giving is his nature. Everything we do should be hinged on the divine nature of love shed abroad in our hearts… We don’t give because a Pastor says if we don’t we won’t prosper. We need because giving is our nature. We give in love. Our only law of the new testament is love. That’s why Jesus repeatedly said “Love thy neighbor.” If Men truly love, there would be no jealousy, no armed robbery, no killing… The church member would give in love and the Pastor would use Church funds in the love and fear of God. Tithing would not be an issue and Men would not make Christianity is not a religion.

Hmm, truly there is much to say on this topic. Back to movies, producers complain about funding and your likes keep doing good movies without complain how do you pull the strings and get things done?

No be lie my brother o. Funding is big challenge. I have to slave to get these things done. Sometimes instead of enjoying the art, it becomes die-hard labour. It’s really difficult and only grace has given some of us the skill to intelligently manage stories and find great moments in the plot that grips the attention of the viewer.

Wow, now, being an Igbo man with growing family to care for when no much money from entertainment, is there a spare part business aside movies?

(laughs), I am not the business type. I don’t think I have ever sold anything in my life.
However Lake is and she does some buying and selling from time to time. She is also a writer so together and with God’s grace we do life.

Cool, I can see true synergy of real love you have for your wife.

We have been through a lot together…. A lot…

Looking at the kind of movies on African Magic (DSTV), there tend to be poor storyline, ghost drinking beer to bad ending leaving the viewers to ask what happened to the casts or hero, who should be blamed for this and yet these movies are being bought by DSTV and screened?

Ours is a very dynamic industry. There is a whole lot that’s not right and one person can’t take the blame. But as much as there are bad movies… there are also very great movies. I have conditioned my mind to always look at the positives and leave the negatives. And as much as people complain, dstv also gives you the option of different Africa Magic channels. There are also great movies showing on that platform.

Back to family, you said you and wify have gone through a lot, to what extent has she gone to support you and the kids that many don’t know about?

We slept on a mat on an office floor for about 2 years. No bathrooms. We had to bath outside and behind the building at 4am and that would be it for the day. We finally moved to a one room apartment and all the while this girl kept saying…” I believe in you”
Every inch true bro. 13 years and 3 kids after I look back and i can only smile… I wrote scripts for 5k… Full scripts o… After paying off debts. She would be on her natural barely combed hair for weeks because we couldn’t even afford retouching. The story plenty my brother.

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