Fast rising Yoruba actor, Rilwan Ologolo better known Benzemaa, is making a name for himself in the Yoruba movie industry that he had to reject some nice cool job offers just for acting which has really exposed him to what life is all about.

Not regretting delving into the industry, he is proud of how well he has come and already correcting some mistakes he may have made in the past. caught up with the busy actor and he briefly took us through his journey as well as pains.

Read excepts below;

It’s being alleged that there is no money in Nollywood, how have you made it this far?

I have my own little money before I joined the movie industry. For the upcoming, there is no money; you need to sacrifice your money first.

While coming into the industry, who will you say really supported your growth so far?

My able Director, Kayode Adebayo, my colleagues, Bimpe Oyebade and Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

What is your relationship with Dubai base rich dude, Mompha?

He is my uncle, he knew me when I was 18 years of age till now.

How true is it that younger celebrity like you are also into internet fraud just to keep up with some of your colleagues’ wealth wise?

That’s a big lie. Most people when they see young guys doing good first thing is “this guy is a yahoo boy.”

If you were to choose between acting and office work, which will you go for?

Acting. I left many good jobs for acting. My passion for acting is not here because I have loved acting since day 0.

Aside acting, what are the other things you do to keep up with life hustle?

I have a private business

You seem to be a lover of tattoos, which part of your body can you not have it drawn?

(laughs) I’m not a lover of tattoos, I can’t have it drawn all over my body again, can’t anymore.  I’m still blaming myself now because most of my fans don’t like it. I have it on me while I was still young like age 19 years but now I’m matured than that.

You are young and vibrant, what are the qualities you look out for in a woman and can you get married to your fellow celebrity actress?

Yes I can get married to female celebrity even an actress. But the qualities I love most in a woman is she must have a good source of income, loyalty, truthful and hardworking.

Are you saying you can’t allow your woman to be a housewife?

(laughs) no, I didn’t o, but you can see Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi  Edun, I love their union, so something like that.

You are a Muslim; can you convert to Christianity for the sake of love for your woman?

I’m a Christian now for the past 5-6years, because I was once a Muslim as in deep Muslim who go through Holy Quran those days. I just decide myself when I had nothing then but when I changed, I see God’s blessings. Now I’m a proud celestial.

How many movies have you featured in so far and when do you plan on producing your own movies?

Close to 40 movies for real, because last year, I spent most of my time in movie location. I still have ‘Illusion’ produced by me last year still showing on Youtube. This year I’m planning a new movie project ‘END POINT,’ soon.


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