There is nothing as good as sitting back and recounting how well one has done well for his or herself and for pretty Nollywood producer, Chinneylove Eze, blessings is not about having the whole world.

Chinneylove took out time to share her success stories in the midst of some pains she has gone through but she never allowed that to affect her person as she has continued to push through.

Sharing her so far success stories, she wrote, “Let me boast about Myself a bit. My name is Chinneylove Eze, Filmmaker and Fashionpreneur! I have produced 28movies and I own 20 of them, all this in a space of 6years! I have an equipment rental segment to my production house, and I have a Youtube channel that has rapidly boomed in a space of 1week, with over 100k views on my Last title Tiwa’s story, uploaded in just one week and an increasing Subscription base! I Run an Offline and online fashion Store cle_clothing. The first and youngest independent producer who isn’t an Actor with huge fan base To have solely gone to d Cinemas And had a VERY successful run! I Legitly became A millionaire at 20, and can boast to have earned everything i own now!

“My biggest goal is to Own my Own Built Film studio, which by his Grace God will make happen soon! Many more to write but Let me stop Here! Reason i am doing this is cos most times we are so consumed with our problems and issues that we forget to Give ourselves kudos for the ones we have done! Don’t Forget to praise Yourself Today….. Our spirit needs it to Become More.”

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