All is not well with veteran Yoruba actor, Baba Suwe, as his health issues continues to get worse by the day after several reports about his health which was sometimes denied.

As it stands, the actor is said to be critically ill and in dire need of help to stay alive after suffering a slow career after his was accused by the drug enforcement agency some years back.

Although the actor’s major health challenges cannot be really ascertain but some of his colleagues have been rallying around to help raise money for him to have a good medical attention.

One of the actors, Akolade Yewande, who is not happy with the way the actor is being neglected in some quarters took to social media to share his thought about the ailing health of Baba Suwe. “So sad ,I can’t imagine some (Actors or producers )Yoruba, who are on instagram or other platform won’t even post his video on their page or pics for people who can help him to do even if they can’t help him, but you see them posting his pics if anything goes wrong ,fake people ,fake sympathizers ,fake life, nothing wrong will happen to him in Jesus name ,if you can’t help ,at least post on ur page ,you have followers who can help use your brand ,status ,positions, connections ,to help this man ,and every other Actors on sick bed as u do, God bless u.”



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