Singer cum actor now turned politician, Banky W, is busy building his political career which will soon yield good results if he wins in the fourth coming elections for his constituency.

Things have been working out well for him as planned but that has not taken his thoughts away from home and his personality which some might have had wrong notion about.

Banky in a recent interview on TVC entertainment programme monitored by Nollywoodtrends, disclosed that he so much loves his wife that he will take a second wife. “I can’t take a second wife.”

About his much pronounced wedding which saw him shuttle between Nigeria and outside the country, Banky explained that the wedding was just pronounced but not the way people see it as he had only 206 guest in attendance.

About his marriage which he has been flaunting on social media leaving some people to pass wrong comment about his union, he stressed that he only shows 5% of his marriage and that is because that is the only part people need to know.

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