For some time now, singer, Wizkid, has been in the news for the wrong reasons and that is having issues with his babymamas.

The two parties have been trying shades at each other all thanks to social media but some of his fans have chosen not to ignore them as they have been sharing various views on the matter.

Recently, controversial On-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, aired his opinion thereby blaming the women for always falling for guys when money is involved but not all accepted his views on the matter like Nollywood actress, Didi Ekenem.

The actress stated women should not be blamed as far as love is concern as both parties consented to having fun and should be ready for the outcome.

The filled with rage from Daddy Freeze’s opinion and suggestions stated thus, “Enough about women please! Why is the blame always heaped on the woman? Agreed, they both enjoyed it but why couldn’t the guy use a condom and even when the women insist on condom, it’s always war. They will start lying with stupid love. Y’all give women a break! Haven’t you heard that postinor 2 damages the womb? Causes fibroid and all sorts’ even doctors strongly advise against it. Haven’t you heard of people dying of abortion everyday? Would you rather the women dies of abortion or keep the child? These are normal mistakes that can be avoided by either using a condom, abstaining or be ready to own up to your responsibilities as a man when the chips are down.”



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