Nollywood actor, Kolade Oyewande, has been trying his little best by impacting lives as he has been giving out money to some people to start up a business via social media.

Many will see this as a show off but to the actor, it is his little way of adding value to lives especially during this hard times the country is going through.

Speaking with about the gesture, he stated that he is not doing it for familiarity, neither is it a foundation but because a lot of people are going through challenges that needs help no matter how little.

In his words, “Actually it is not for familiarity, neither is it a foundation, I see lot of people that token money can really change their lives, what is the essence of money you have that you can’t help people in little way you can. If I had lot of cash apart from helping the poor I will do all bad roads, it’s killing businesses, killing individuals, very soon am going into politics and I want people to know that my main motive is to help the needy.”



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